Arjuna NeumanArjuna-Neuman-profiledited


Video, Writing, Installation, and Sound

Selected Exhibitions/ Projects

Multicultural Dread, 2015
In Our Sites, 2013
Concord Collective, 2011 – 2014

Arjuna’s work starts with research. Each project examines the connections between subjects and across ideas, sometimes spanning great distances. His work describe reality in a way that belongs loosely to the documentary tradition in this age of the hyper-networked. It also has looked at the interplay between performance, theatre and social documentary – where a hybrid form of the three allows for a more plastic play with narratives and histories. This often means that the audience is invited to participate in the making of the “document”

In 2015, he completed a residency at Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore, that culminated in Multi-Cultural Dread, a discursive rave and UV/text installation, where the “syncopated rhythm of Jungle produces a musical safe space (slippage) for collective abreaction—a space deliberately sealed up by traditional racial or musical harmony”.

Arjuna Neuman received his Master of Fine Art (2009-20011) from the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, California and a Post Graduate-Certificate in Photography and Media (2007-2008) University of Arts London, Central Saint Martins College, London. He is also Staff Writer at Art Voices, LA Canvas, Art Fetch, LA Art Resources.