Jay Koh (Doctor of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki) is an artist-curator, trained in cross-disciplinary artistic research and active as an independent consultant and evaluator. Prior to this, he was an activist advocating critical knowledge on the outcomes of genetic and reproduction technology with the health activist group Gesundheitsladen Koeln, Germany.

Jay initiated and managed the art space arting in Cologne’s Belgium quarter in 1993 to 1999 that showcased artists from various countries and initiated various public art projects such as ‘Genopoly’ and ‘Auszeit-der-Demokratie’ in cities and public spaces in Germany including the Halle Kalke.

Under iFIMA (international-Forum-for-InterMedia-Arts), Jay initiated public participative art projects and site-specific residencies across Europe and Asia. These included the management of the independent art space NICA (Networking-and-Initiatives-for-Culture-and-the-Arts) in Yangon from 2003 to 2007 and the resources-development programmes, Open Academy, in Hanoi, Hue, Yangon and Ulaanbaator, with Malaysian artist Chu Yuan. His engagements included speaking on Public Arts in the Scottish Parliament, in Barcelona with ACADE (Awareness-Raising-on-Culture-and-Development-in-Europe) and ACTED (Agency-for-Technical-Cooperation-and-Development), 2007 and OpenHere, Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, 2012.

In the last years, he was awarded the cultural diversity fellowship in Northeast Scotland by Creative Scotland and a research grant for the Asian Art and Performances Consortium. His recent presentations was for the CARE (Centre for Art Research in Education) programme of UNESCO – NIE, Singapore, Philosophy Section and School of the Arts, USM Penang, School of Communication Arts, Bangkok University and various art related events in Southeast Asia.

Jay’s book Art-Led Participative Processes: Dialogue & Subjectivity within Performances in the Everyday (University of the Arts Helsinki, 2015) discusses holistic and ethical art processes in working relationship and seeks validation across sectors and disciplines. His present collaborations are in projects on Art & Health, Art & Pedagogic and in researching a forthcoming book Performing Politics: Arts & Society.