Brack is a Singapore-based platform for socially-engaged artists in Southeast Asia.

We are interested in practices of gathering, and in dialogical exchanges across mediums, disciplines, and communities.  We seek to understand how socially engaged art can activate a community or society, and seek to experiment in those very activations—through the way we write, work with artists, and engage with audiences.

We’re interested in how it can address an issue of importance and create a significant space for individual and collective agency. At the same time, a post-analogue ethos is challenging old notions of hierarchical mediation—Brack enables artists and the community to shape this new space.

We have a network of artists, writers, and artistic and social intermediaries who are well-placed in Southeast Asia to understand these processes on a deep level. Brack emphasises the inter-relational. Aside from the online gathering space, it manifests as exhibitions, talks, workshops, dialogues, and collaborations with local and international practitioners that attempt an alternative praxis to the artist-audience link.


We’re looking to work with talented people who are very interested in the intersections of art and society. What interests you?


To join the ongoing Artist-Writer Pair Series, get in touch with our editors. We welcome writing that is aware of current discussions in society so as to expand on or challenge these discussions within art and its social engagement.

Brack writing is not constrained to the obvious (i.e. artist, his/her work, exhibition), but a broader discussion of its social agents. This does not preclude humourous, personal, or lyrical responses to cultural objects and experiences. We publish online and in the BrackMag.


For us to truly be able to build a landscape of connected people, projects, and ideas, we need to work with individuals who know their field. As a Community or Artist Lead, your experience and your belief in Brack’s mission help make the platform a ground-driven one that resists an atomisation of ideas. We would love to hear what you think. Email us at


– Writing and/or editing for projects, publications and exhibitions
– Exhibition curation and producing
– Artistic Collaborations and Commissions
– Programme Partner (Hosting and organising of workshops, activities, seminars, conferences, talks and dialogues, etc.)