angieseaheditedAngie Seah


Drawing, Installation, Performance, Sculpture, and Sound

Selected Exhibitions/ Projects

The Everyday Life Orchestra, 2014
Sounding Motion, 2013
When the Rainbow Smiles, 2012

Angie Seah received her Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia in 2000. She continued her studies in art as she received a culture scholarship from the Goethe Institute, Berlin, Germany in 2005. In addition to exhibiting her works both locally and internationally, Angie has also taken part in various artist residencies in Switzerland, Indonesia, Belgium, and Romania. She has also participated in performance art festivals across Europe and Asia, including those in the Philippines, Singapore, Belgium, and Sweden.

Angie has also been actively in community art projects, conducting workshops for the community including those for families, underprivileged children, and the elderly.