ETC (Enterprise of Temporary Consensus)

South Korea

Video, performance

Selected Exhibitions/ Projects

A Day of Mr. A, 2014
Nakwon Family Service, 2013
If You Dream It, 2012


ETC is an arts collective (Saem Lee, Bokyng Jun, Narae Jin) that aims to research happenings at various places in cities by exploring cities freely. Inspiration is gained from walking, coincidence meetings, stories from local people, and historical research on sites. We listen to cities so that we can do visible/invisible, direct/indirect communication as well as make relationships with cities and regions.

ETC has double meaning in that social happenings are viewed from artists’ perspectives that reside in blind spots and provide different perspectives; it is an ‘art service’, a virtual enterprise of temporary consensus. The action of parodying corporations is an attempt to give artists who do not belong to any specific hierarchical structure in societies a position. It is also a reflection and sarcasm towards today’s situation that artists have turned into outsourced companies by government/councils to deliver social service. The ‘art service’ that ETC provides is formless conceptual value.