Made-BayakeditedMade Bayak

Indonesia, Bali

Paintings, Installations, Performance Art, Music

Selected Exhibitions/ Projects

Plasticology, 2014
Just Like a Holy Rolling Trash, 2014


Made Bayak is an artist based in Bali, Indonesia. born 1980 in Tampaksiring, his work is interested in non-mainstream modes of thought focusing on his social and cultural background as a Balinese and from that wide frame of idea he made it as art works.

Combinations of Bayak’s family’s creative energies were showcased in an titled “Arm our Family” (2014). In this exhibition he and his wife emphasised the importance of parents and adults being positive role models to children and to impart them with tools of knowledge and holistic education to inspire their budding creativity and imagination. In 2012, during a solo exhibition at Griya Santrian Gallery, Bayak invited school children and teachers to the exhibition whereby he led group discussions about the environmental issues represented in his work.

Made exhibits his works regularly in Bali and more recently, in Germany and Poland. He was nominated as a finalist in Singapore’s prestigious 2013 Sovereign Art Prize.