Zheng-BoZheng Bo

Hong Kong

Installation, Performance, Sculpture, and Sound

Selected Exhibitions and Works

Plants Living in Shanghai, 2013

Born and raised in Beijing, Zheng Bo, is a professor, a socially-engaged practitioner, a curator and a researcher. He has been making and writing about socially engaged art in China since 2003. He has lived in the U.S, Europe and Hong Kong whilst pursuing his practice. Constantly raising the issues of class and equality, his work focuses mainly with local minority groups. Using the play behaviour method, Zheng has worked with communities such as Filipino domestic helpers in Hong Kong and Queer Cultural Center in Beijing.

In January 2015, Zheng launched his latest work, The Wall: the online public sphere in China. The Wall is a virtual web-based platform curated by Zheng to exhibit and archive socially engaged art from China over the past 20 years. There are five ecological art projects that are a combination of photographs, articles and videos showcased in The Wall. Weaving between efforts by renowned artists and activist collectives in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan for the last 20 years, The Wall becomes a corpus for public to contribute their thoughts, artistic activism, and political views in China via a digital dazibao poster.