Wong Yunjie (Jacky) is a theatre artist, researcher and writer curious about the gaps to collective human flourishing in present-day capitalism. He is thus keenly interested in works or practices that intervene on those gaps. He is drawn to works, spaces and processes that help us interact with each other with openness and authenticity, and maintains a deep interest in Asian traditional art practices as embodied philosophy/values we are in danger of losing.
These interests led him to practice community-based theatre with Makhampom in rural Chiangmai (2012-2014), and currently to Playback Theatre and Taichi.
Yunjie also studied Noh, Wayang Wong, Beijing Opera, Taichi and Kuttiyattam alongside Western theatre traditions at the Intercultural Theatre Institute (2015-2017), and wrote a thesis on Thailand’s democracy movement and cinema in the 1970s as a political science student in NUS (2003-2007).