“While our plastic pollution crisis is so overwhelmingly large, it is also mind-twistingly small. Here I mean small in the sense probed by Goh’s photographs: the scale of the microplastics, and now nano-plastics, whose presence has been documented in nearly every corner of our terrestrial and aquatic habitats, and which are now entering our food chain, with unknown, but potentially toxic effects.”

– Sarah Mineko Ichioka, on Ernest Goh’s Ayer Ayer Project

Singaporean photographer and visual artist Ernest Goh will launch his ecologically-engaged art project Ayer Ayer at the Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) on 11 to 14 April at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. The project features four components, from the Shore Debris Table, an interactive artwork that allows guests the ability to co-create the art piece by removing microplastic fragments and learning the real-world difficulties in cleaning our oceans, to Plasticity, a photography series that allows visitors to get up close and examine microplastic.

The Shore Debris Table invites guests to co-create the artwork by joining the artist in the seemingly impossible task of removing microplastic fragments one piece at a time. This participatory artwork aims to bring the issue of ocean plastic pollution right to the dinner table where studies have shown microplastics are entering our food chain through the food we eat and the water we drink. Guests can expect to be involved in live performances and co-exploration of topics involving plastic waste, consumption and economics.

Water drinking fountains specially designed and built by the artist seeks to be an innovative alternative for single-use plastic bottled water at public events. The fountains also serve as a catalyst for meaningful conversations about plastic pollution.

Since its inception in 1995, ADEX is celebrated as the largest and longest-running dive show in Asia. For more than two decades in Asia, renowned photographers, marine conservationists, scientists, and divers are invited to give workshops and presentations, making it an ideal event to engage visitors about plastic pollution through participatory public art. (www.adex.asia).

Ayer Ayer Project is also partnering with international organisations Conservation International and Nikoi Private Island, Exactly Foundation and socially-engaged arts platform Brack to launch this event.

Brack’s Kei Franklin responds to Ernest’s artwork via a performance-dialogue, Matter-of-food.

“Plastic pollution is a pervasive issue that has an enormous impact on the oceans upon which we depend on for food security, resilience to climate change, inspiration, and cultural identity. Conservation International is looking into new and innovative science-based solutions where we can have the most impact. By working with Ernest and Ayer Ayer, we hope to educate and inspire Singaporeans to understand the impact of disposable plastic usage, and ultimately, the effects on human well-being.”

– Felicia Wee, Conservation International Singapore Programme Manager

Read more about the project here

Exhibition Information

Dates: 11–14 April 2019
Venue: ADEX Singapore 2019
@ Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
Level 4, Halls 401–405

Admission Fee:
$5 for Partners of ADEX Pass,
$10 for Standard Pass,
$50 for VIP 3-day Pass
(More information on http://www.adex.asia/tickets/)

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Jasmine Nazirah

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