COVID Companions is a series of creative pieces featuring snippets of life during COVID-19, with a special focus on the other individuals or creatures who are keeping us company during quarantine, lockdown, ‘circuit breaker’, or whatever your equivalent might be. 

Who are you sharing space with during these unprecedented times? Is this a companionship of choice, or of circumstance? In either case, how might working-from-home and other new arrangements provide opportunities for conversations and interactions that might otherwise never have taken place? 

We hope that COVID Companions will invite new forms of exchange, conversations that go a bit deeper. Without the rush, mobility, and busy-ness of pre-COVID life, what remains? How do we fulfil our responsibilities and sustain ourselves in ever constrained physical space? What emerges from fewer options? From more time? From shared (perhaps cramped) domestic space each day, every day, side by side? What might you come to learn about your companions amidst the crisis, your mates amidst the mundane?

We welcome submissions to COVID Companions until 8 June (send to heybrack @ Submissions can be in the form of essays (max. 1500 words), short stories, poems, comic strips, sketches, or any other creative media. We encourage you to include images or visual media alongside any written submissions. Also please check in with your COVID Companions about whether they would like to keep their identities anonymous.

Read current submissions here:

This feels like family – by Alecia Neo
Of micro-spaces and home – by Kei Franklin
Routine Interiors (a.m.) – by Jevon Chandra

Crisis Poem 1: Clusterf**k – by Gwee Li Sui
Bubble Missives – by Jill Tan and Teo Xiao Ting

Zuum Meeting – by Liyana Omar
Robodog finds Robogod – by Gwee Li Sui
Must be a Mad House – by Savithaa Markandu

interloCUTER, home – by Jenny Cheng with Jill Tan
A Different Kind of Raya – by Ilya Katrinnada

Day ):@#u!?P of Lockdown – by Yoon Wong

A Desire to Take Care – Quek Jia Qi

Conversations with Myself – Aishah Alattas