Brack is a Singapore-based platform for socially-engaged artists in Southeast Asia. We are interested in practices of gathering, and in dialogical exchanges across mediums, disciplines, and communities. 

We seek to understand how socially-engaged art can activate people, spaces, and systems. We experiment by designing and facilitating these very activations—through our writing, our workshops, and our collaborations with other artists and audiences. 

Right now we’re exploring practices of gathering, how to facilitate collective re-imagining of alternate worlds / futures, what ‘radical hospitality’ might entail, and how we can constructively engage with conflict and difference. Our work is socially-engaged, interdisciplinary, and experiential, and we seek to integrate critical self-reflexivity into all that we do.Always interested in the inter-relational, we work with a diverse community of artists, writers, and cultural / social intermediaries in Southeast Asia. We intend for our platform to enable dynamic collaborations between practitioners, thinkers, writers, and makers.

Aside from this online gathering space, our work manifests in dialogues, workshops,  exhibitions, and collaborative artistic interventions.


– Writing and/or editing for projects, publications and exhibitions;

– Artistic Collaborations and Commissions;

– Programme Partner (Hosting and organising of workshops, activities, seminars, conferences, talks and dialogues, etc.)


Does our work resonate with you? We’re always looking to grow our community and would love to learn more about your practice and possible opportunities for collaboration. Write to us at hey@brack.sg