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BrackMag Issue 2: Unseen


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How do we see dreams, hopes, and one another? Or do we find that the “constellation” discernible only in retrospect? Seven youths living with visual-impairment (VI) in Singapore encounter these and more with artist Alecia Neo as they explores self-identity and dreams in a collaborative art project. This issue coalesces the dramatic relationships, conversations, debates, and experiences around the two-year-long project that is UNSEEN:Constellations through personal accounts and perspectives, including: Justin Lee’s post-conversation circle commentary on sustainability, Qian Wenyi and Megan Miao’s allude to image-making, Jay Koh points out the axes of power in its “participation”, while Seet Yun Teng and Mok Cui Yin offer different ways of imaging the production ofUnseen:Constellations and Unseen: Shift Lab respectively.

This issue is a collaboration with Unseen and is available in both print and digital copies. All proceeds go to the Unseen platform.