Leone-ContinieditedLeone Contini

Italy, Florence

 Lecture performance, public interventions, textual and audio-visual narratives, self-publishing

Selected Exhibitions/ Projects

Imagined Menu, 2013-2014

Leone Contini studied Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology at Universitàdegli Studi di Siena. His research, mainly focused on intercultural frictions, conflict andpower relations, displacement, migration and Diasporas, borrows the tools of contemporary anthropology in order to short-circuiting spheres of common feelings and significance through the use of lecture performances, collective interventions in public space, textual and audio-visual narratives, blogging and self-publishing.

He has exhibited or held intervention at Delfina Foundation, London, 2014; Khoj, New Delhi, 2014; Kunstraum, Munich, 2014; DOCVA Careof, Milano, 2014; Villa Romana, Florence, 2014; DOCVA viafarini, Milano, 2013; Stadthausgalerie (c/o Kunsthalle Münster), Münster, 2013; Kunstverein, Amsterdam 2013; GOLEB, Amsterdam, 2013; Tirana Art Lab, Tirana, 2013; microgallery, Tirana, 2013; UNIDEE, Biella, 2013; Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, 2012; Frigoriferi Milanesi, Milan, 2012; Chan, Genova, 2012; Kobariski Museum and various locations across the Italian-Slovenian border, 2012; The Roma Pavilion and the Danish Pavilion, the 54th La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, 2011; Gallery Doma Omladina, Belgrade, 2009.

His lecture performance, Imagined Menu, is inspired by the worst military debacle in Italian history, the 1917 “Defite of Caporetto”, in which 18-year-old officer Giosuè Fiorentino begins recording recipes of his fellow prisoners.


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