Together with MARUAH, a Singapore Human Rights NGO, Brack is organising a full-day event that raises the topic of Freedom of Expression. The exhibition showcases socially-conscious art and explores historically narratives of Singapore. The exhibition showcases artists such as Dan Wong and Cyril Wong, and will feature per by Andrée Weschler (Innocence #02) and A’shua Imran (Passive Aggressive Bonds).

Dr. Nazry Bahrawi, also our Cultures Editor at Brack, will moderate one of the two forums happening on the Stewords Riverboat as four students from various local universities will come together to speak about the many ideas of freedom.

We look forward to seeing you at the one-day only exhibition on 2 August 2015. At Stewords Riverboat, 12 pm-10 pm. Please RSVP directly via email.


This public exhibition and forum is part of Project 50/100, alternative effort to commemorate Singapore’s 50th anniversary.