Amos V. Manlangit, Philippines

Amos Manlangit is based in Manila, Philippines and works as an artist and special education consultant/educator. He completed his master’s degree in special education and bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines. His current work involves the use of arts in conducting a creativity program for people with different ages and abilities, and for various goals.

Amos conducts special sessions to advocacy, corporate and special interest organisations through mandala plate painting, a self-discovery workshop that emphasizes the values of visioning, well-being, stress management, leadership, creative and divergent thinking, resilience and grit. He has conducted this activity to educators, wellness practitioners, social workers, managers and other professionals.

He is engaged in various projects to contribute to the disability rights agenda. He organizes activities as a convenor of the Initiative for Disability Rights and Welfare (iDraw), a platform for advocates who come from different sectors. He accepts speaking opportunities in higher education institutions and in television shows (as a guest resource speaker at a morning show in the Philippines). Currently, he is the public relations consultant of a community building and cooperative housing project for special-needs families, which is a first in his country. Amos was also the artistic director of a musical by artists with disabilities in 2017.

His vision is to actively build an inclusive arts initiative in his country by enlisting different groups, particularly artist groups, to collaborate on projects with people with disabilities.