In collaboration with Zarch Collaboratives and with the support of AA Asia, Brack is excited to present our upcoming event:

Conversations in Eden 004: Mapping Frontiers 

1 July 2018 (Sunday)

2.30pm – 4.30pm


Zarch Collaboratives Pte Ltd

Golden Mile Tower, Eden Space #04-00

Mapping Frontiers angles the focus to the pertinent issues surrounding the environment and sustainability. The act of mapping here denotes the various ways of documenting tangible and intangible phenomena, practices and objections, exemplified by the selected set of examples. ‘Frontiers’ is construed in two ways: Firstly, to denote the ambitious nature of the enterprise in conceiving experimental and novel methods, perhaps rightly described as “cutting edge”. Secondly, the “frontier” delineates the space contigent in the effort- namely the interface between nature and mankind, at times on the very edges of civilisation.

Brack turns its gaze toward the future- as imagined by a participative, creative public emergent in socially engaged art. This sharing explores selected artistic projects committed to generative and regenerative environmental practices in community.

Our conversation discuss creative exploration of the enormous problems and solutions that we face as communities. This discussion is different from environmental and social diatribes that offers little hope to individuals; it showcases realistic and effective community action plans that could ultimately lead communities back onto more empowering paths.

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