Peter Breen is the co-founder of Jugglers Art Space Inc in Brisbane Australia. Now in its 20th year, Jugglers has been Peter’s passion and ,along with two of his sons and a friend and a host of other artists, musicians, comedians, performers, writers and community cultural development workers has created a significant space and niche for Jugglers in Brisbane. Trained in Medical Radiography, Theology and Creative Arts Therapy, Peter has had a range of experiences in leadership and innovation and is particularly interested in how to work at the development of an arts DNA within society that includes serious intelligent research and   inquiry into spirituality, wellness and a non-commodified arts practice. He is also passionate about the need for all artists to be well supported financially and celebrated constantly, citing that in Australia funds and fame are readily available for sport but not the arts.  The core commitment of Peter and Jugglers to graffiti in all its legal and illegal expressions is indicative of the vision “to facilitate the health and growth of the core creative human spirit.”

The Stairwell Project was conceived during Peter’s time as a radiographer at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s’ Hospital and, founded on growing research and anecdotal evidence around the positive  impact of live music performed by professional musicians on staff, patients and the public has seen the Stairwell Project develop into a popular program. Begun in June 2015,  and as yet only pro-bono experiment, the project has had rave reviews and affects from its inception.  The Pro-Bono status  is looking to change as he has been invited to present a budget this week to  Cancer Care Services  at the RBWH for two 10 week block programs. A shift in policy around the importance of live music in hospitals  is what is needed and it seems as if that is on its way in Queensland Health facilities.