Salty Xi Jie Ng is an artist from the tropical metropolis of Singapore. Her work explores possibilities in the poetic, eccentric and infinite everyday. She makes collaborative encounters that are intimate, semi-fictional paradigms for the real and imagined lives of humans. 

This context-specific practice is concerned with challenging dominant power structures in offbeat, humorous ways and facilitating the unexpected, often serendipitous results of working in a socially engaged manner. She sees this as a kind of activism that implicitly proposes a world in which she would like to live.

She founded The Grandma Reporter, a publication on senior women’s culture. The second issue on the taboo subject of intimacy was made in 2019 with a group of women aged 22 to 84 in Portland, Oregon. A facilitator of prison arts program Columbia River Creative Initiatives, she co-created and directed The Inside Show, a variety show made inside a minimum-security prison in Portland, Oregon. Xi Jie has an MFA in art & social practice from Portland State University, and is currently the Artist in Residence 2019-20 at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s Center for Visual & Performing Arts.

Behind the scenes at The Inside Show, a variety show made inside Columbia River Correctional Institution, a minimum security prison in Portland, Oregon
Microwave Magic, a segment where inmates showcase innovative recipes made with ingredients ordered off a commissary sheet and cooked in a microwave. Hosted by Christian Scotty Freeman.