BrackMag turns it gaze toward the future – as imagined by a participative, creative public emergent in socially engaged art. Who are the arbiters of this participative, creative space, and what will we bring with us there?

This publication will introduce artist practitioners from across southeast Asia to share their experiences of cross sectoral collaboration and of using participative art as open and reciprocal processes for community engagement. These artists were part of the conference: Working with People-Centred Processes: Art, Education & Cross-Sector Collaboration.

In The Energy Issue, the conversations and indepth articles will explore new and emerging developments in ASEAN in socially engaged, public participative and community art, and consider environmental structures that, as we barrel ahead, are falling apart.

The Artist-Writer Pair Series

The Energy Issue continues Brack’s Artist-Writer Pair Series (some of which can be found at our website as #BrackChats), which pairs interested Writers of similar interest or professional background with artists to uncover issues, concerns, themes inherent in the artist practice and/work.

The series invites not only writers, but other artists, researchers, curators, culturepreneurs, urban architects — anyone that shares a passion for the intersections of arts + people — to join in this effort with Artists directly and personally in a broader discussion of its social contexts, creating a new space in the discourse of art, culture, and society.

We do these ‘pairs’ in-person where possible or online. From these and other material, writers will also contribute essay/s from their paired conversations; they may also reflect on subsequent engagements with their communities or organisations. The aim really is a a broader discussion of its social agents and we don’t preclude humourous, personal, or lyrical responses to cultural objects and experiences.

The Open Call closes 21 April 2017.

To join The Energy Issue, write to us .Or fill out this form here.

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