GALA ASIA is the sister alliance of GALA Europe; a support network of 12 organisations across Asia that are engaging with social and environmental issues through their creative practice. The diverse alliance is initiated by artists and cultural practitioners seeking to address the breadth of environmental problems that beset the world. In light of the urgency of our global crisis, the organizations that comprise GALA ASIA have come together in order to bolster and amplify their manifold efforts at securing a sustainable future.

GALA ASIA asserts that a life-sustaining environment is a basic human right that must be fought for, upheld, and defended. It is their aim to stand united in order to foster a sustainable future for the people and our shared ecosystem. This entails respect for biodiversity as well as sensitivity to the depth of interdependencies that inform the notion of ecology.

Green Art Lab Alliance ASIA’s objectives  are  to:

  • Build a foundation for a network of cultural organisations engaging with environmental issues
  • Identify needs and wishes from partners
  • Advocate the role the cultural sector can play in addressing social and environmental issues
  • Catalyse further cultural collaborations on the issue of sustainability
  • Exchange knowledge on and experience with these issues

GALA ASIA was publicly launched on 13 December 2015 at Creative Reuse Center in Taipei, Taiwan. Fifteen pioneering art collectives from all over Asia were invited to share their best practice stories. Furthermore, two researchers from Europe both specialised in environmental sustainability within the cultural sector were invited: Yasmine Ostendorf, GALA Asia founder, and Luke Ramsay, Environmental Sustainability Manager at Julies Bicycle. The event was part of Artcop21, a global festival for cultural activities on climate change.

You’ll find more information on the launch as well as GALA Asia’s partners in this booklet – 2015 GALA ASIA Introduction.

New GALA ASIA events and activities will follow soon. Visit its Facebook page or the GALA website to stay up to date.

Brack is proud to be invited to be one of the 12 partners for the inaugural GALA Asia

The 12 partners are MaD team, Hong Kong, China; Common Room Networks Foundation, Indonesia;  ARCUS Project, Japan; Listen to the City, Korea; Kontak!, Malaysia; Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP), Philippines; Youth for a Livable Cebu (YLC), Philippines; Brack, Singapore; Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taiwan; Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Thailand; Big Trees Project, Thailand; and British Council, Singapore.