Nuria-profile-piceditedNúria Iglesias Rodríguez


Audiovisual, Multidisciplinary

Selected Exhibitions/ Projects

Certificate in Mental Health Collective at the Rovira i Virgili University, 2014

Núria Iglesias Rodríguez is a multidisciplinary Catalan artist interested in how expression and movement can get closer to the dignity of the human dimension. For this reason, her works were deepening, increasingly, in the investigation of the body as a channel, where human frailty and strength to transcend, alchemise, and communicate. Audiovisual arts represent a poetic dimension where language enriched; and is a means of opening possibility of a work to being offered a greater number of people.

Núria’s working method is intuitive, sensory, visceral and confident. Her role as a creator and performer has been emphasised in: “We Can not Be Heroes?” (Dir. Mercedes Boronat); creative performances in Grand Central, Central Park, PS1 (MoMA) at the Mikhail Baryshnikov Arts Center (BAC), New York, and the Centre for Performance Research (CPR) under the direction of Mercedes Boronat; ‘Birds’ by Fundació Tàpies (BCN); collaborations with Primo Gabianno (noise and experimental creator) and Visual Pal (VJ).

She has participated in FEM’14 (International Festival of Performance Art and Action), and as a performer in Certificate in Mental Health Collective at the Rovira i Virgili University (Catalonia).

Núria Iglesias Rodríguez is Brack’s first Artist-in-Residence and partnered with Matt3r . Read more in the issue BrackMag 3.