“Food is never about just one thing or one culture. You can see where different ingredients and different flavours come from geographically, or by traditions. And when you pull different people together to eat (such a) food, you give opportunity for dialogue about where they come from, the food comes from, and for other issues related as well. So this is the ice cream of Michelangelo Pistoletto.”

— Filippo Fabricca, Love Difference


Ingredients of the Love Difference ice cream

Macedonian Halva with pistachio nuts – Greece
Whipping cream – France
Milk – Australia
Sugar – Malaysia
Eggs – Singapore

The session was a multi-hour, multi-thread cook-out with the artist Filippo and the lovely Yoke Peng of the Tuckshop, made so much easier and fun with the Cuisineart Ice Cream Maker. As it churned the minutes away, we sat and chatted about well, the food. More seriously, by the end of the affair, energies spent and the ice cream maker whirring, we could chat freely about Love Difference’s mission (the main thread in our master class series), what makes social engagement in art, and what makes food, like the Love Difference ice cream, a conduit for gathering “in spite of” differences. We even found out Yoke Peng graduated from culinary school, so we were having two ‘chefs’ at work!

Their Pastry Shop project grew into a three-day workshop inviting 40 artists from around the Mediterranean, a process that created over fifty events in thirty different cities, where “food was the way to talk about differences, and the value of such differences”.

The Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker was sponsored by the TOTT Store. The Tuckshop sponsored the space for this session and the subsequent Post-Workshop Pop-Up.

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