What makes for the spirit of reciprocal art-making in an age of fragmentation?

In a 3-day hands-on workshop/seminar (21-23 Nov), we’re looking at the topic of conviviality in participative and social art practices.


23 Nov 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 10.30am – 1.30pm

Photo Credit: Feline Lim

Using the recent Save Sungei Road Campaign* as a case study, Singaporean artist Tan Biyun takes participants into an immersive exhibition space. Through practical exercises, participants will be exposed to various aspects, perspectives, and events from the Sungei Road campaign through text, images, sounds, video, activities that had been organised by different parties. The artist shares her own experiences as part of the event.

  • how can we analyse, interpret, and reflect on the materials in community/s?
  • what subjectivities and bias exist in community/s?
  • how can community works and change-makers assert themselves in a subculture?

We hope this workshop and seminar will be useful for emerging and experienced artists from across all art forms interested in the field of collaborative and social practice, as well as educators, activists, workers and change-makers engaged in community-based practice.

If you are interested in how creative engagement can nurture global citizenship and empathic action around local and global justice themes, this workshop is for you!

This workshop is limited to 30 pax. Due to the limited capacity of the workshop, we will follow up with you to confirm your participation.

Case Study Background: The Save Sungei Road Campaign was an effort to keep a 80-year-old heritage site alive for future generations. It was a collective attempt by artists and various community groups representing the vendors and other stakeholders of Sungei Road Market in an effort to have a constructive discussion on the impact of its closure and prospects of relocating the Sungei Road Market. Participants are not required to have extensive knowledge of the event.



To join the workshop, please email us with the subject line:
2017 TBY Workshop – [Your name]

Please email us hey@brack.com, and provide the following details:
– Full Name
– Tell us a little about yourself and your Interests
– Contact Details (email and mobile no.)



Tan Biyun

Tan Biyun is a community-based artist who makes work on issues about life, human rights
and social justice. Her recent works include ‘Future Trees & the Pulp of
History’, SIFA 2017/Gillman Barracks(Singapore), ‘To Singapore with Love’, Substation
(Singapore) and the performance, Waiting for Butterflies, Guyu Action
Performance Festival (China) as a response against the environment destruction caused by